Keeping Cromar talking ...

Although our usual summer gatherings are cancelled and our village halls ‘dark’, Cromar Community Council is offering - free of charge - a new way for our community to hold meetings, share experiences and have a neighbourhood blether.

Cromar Community Council has two copies of a video conferencing software called GoToMeeting for use by groups from Tarland and Logie Coldstone. Each copy will create a ‘virtual village hall’ and allow a meeting with up to 150 participants and no time limit: round-table discussions, classes, formal presentations and lectures, regular meetings and AGMs of clubs and other groups, concerts, rehearsals, bingo sessions, knitting groups, pub quizzes and everything in between. Everyone can join in: on video if they have a computer, tablet or smartphone, or on audio via any ordinary telephone if they don’t.

We’ll train volunteers from groups that plan to use the software often. Those who just want to use it for a one-off gathering can get help to both setup and host it.

Those in Logie Coldstone should email and everyone else should email to get more information and book a meeting.